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Modular Vault Room

A high-security vault for storing valuables such as gold jewelry, cash, cultural relics, controlled drugs, and important documents, effectively preventing theft and explosion.

Safety Performance
All are made of high-strength carbide steel, steel bars, high-strength concrete, fireproof materials, metal fibers, steel balls, etc., to ensure compliance with UL608, GSA, EN1143 and other safety level requirements.

Installation Method
Assembled structure, connected and fixed by welding or bolt connection.

Structural Eatures
The lightweight design scheme is lighter and thinner than the traditional concrete structure, which is convenient for transportation and installation and can save 90% of the construction time.After the modular vault room is used, it can be quickly disassembled and transported to other locations for re-installation, while the traditional concrete structure can only be demolished and rebuilt by blasting.The length, width, and height of the modular vault room can be customized according to the site conditions, suitable for various special-shaped places.

Use Place
Family homes, financial industries, pharmaceutical industries, security companies, museums, military and police departments, luxury retail, hotels, transportation companies, etc. need to store cash, gold, jewelry, cultural relics, antiques, firearms and ammunition, controlled drugs, important documents or Valuable personal belongings, etc.

Quality Assurance
According to the ISO9001 quality management system and the company's quality instruction manual, to ensure that the product quality meets the high standards of customers.


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